Hero of the Obelisk Update

The Bounty System

Complete daily bounties. Earn points. Redeem for awesome prizes!

You have saved the continent of Abate from many of the dangers that have presented themselves throughout your adventures and have become a revered hero. However, the purging of many of the original evil strongholds have scattered gangs of raggidy villains; now loose and leaderless, their goals remain the same--destroy Abate. The surrounding towns seek your aid in their attempts to deal with these stragglers while trying to rebuild their town. As a result, the townsfolk have placed bounties and will reward you handsomely to ease their sufferings.

Every day in your bounty tracker, three random bounties will be posted. Complete each bounty (in-game) and you will be rewarded with Bounty Points; the more bounties you complete throughout the week, the more points you will earn. These points will allow you to redeem items (such as cosmetics dyes, unique titles, equipments and much more) within the Bounty Shop. With the bounty system, a community-wide event is being held that'll offer even more perks. Participate in the event now!
Note: Bounties will vary depending on a character's level. However, bounty points will be shared across the account.

When you complete a bounty, you will be rewarded with a specific amount of bounty points that can then be taken to the Bounty Shop. At this specialty store, you'll be able to redeem various items from hair dyes to unique titles to even gold!

Visit the Bounty Shop

Introducing the new Prime Capsule! One that will surely bring you some useful goodies!

The items that you'll be able to unlock with a bit of luck will include: David's Judgment costume that features a helmet that changes color based on the wearer's hair dye, Blue Moon the new community-named companion with some powerful stats, and the new 25% enhancement booster to ease some of our heroes badluck when trying to become powerful.