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Games are always more fun when played with friends and HOTO is no different. With the Refer-a-Friend Program, adventurers will be able to invite friends to experience HOTO and get rewarded with great prizes!

Not to be ignored, referred friends will also gain rewards when accepting a referral as they level. Not only that, they'll also receive the same rewards as referrers if they decide to refer their own friends!

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This fine stallion comes from a long-historical list of mystical steeds; a bloodline unrivaled by any other. However, it is in need of a name worthy of its lineage. We're asking the HOTO community to decide a name for this blue-beast, with the winner having his/her name forever enshrined on this companion!

**You can only vote once, so make sure you think of a good one

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Artisans of Altea! All trade skills have returned with the exception of Alchemy. Players will now be able to craft high tier items including weapons, armor, rings and even emotion items and diamonds! Powerful items will require equally as powerful materials from bosses to craft.

In the level 20-40 range, some professions are able to craft unique items to help them progress, these items are not enhancable however, they yield the stats of an item equivalent to +10!