Hero of the Obelisk Update

Dungeon Master

New areas to explore. New features to learn.

The world of Altea has expanded her reaches, revealing many of her hidden secrets once lost within the shadows.

Now freely open to explore, these new lands offer some frightful and powerful monsters that await your arrival and want nothing more than to have your head as a trophy mount!

The Dungeon Master update introduces 5 new level 50 dungeons including 3 new Hardcore dungeons (levels 50, 20 and 10), an Extreme Mode for parties looking for tougher challenges, a new level 20 Open Field, an Exclusive Open Field for the ruling guild of Trinzel and much more!

The Orc Shaman Batu has taken refuge in the inhospitable, frigid peaks known only as Glacial Path. Hidden within the cold, mountainous ranges, Batu is secretly conjuring up something evil! Be extremely cautious as this shaman is well known across Altea as a powerful ice mage.

No trees grow in this decrepit valley of the dead, just stone-cold bricks cast in shadows of lost souls. Here rests King Talus; banished to forever rot in these dungeons. He sits with his army of the dead awaiting one who'll be able to defeat and lift his hellish curse.

Once known for making men rich beyond belief, these mines have now been long abandoned. Due to the greed of men, their continuous unearthing released a dark spirit named Aanas, The Soul Stealer. Rumors say Aanas still roams the caverns, laying wait for unsuspecting explorers.

Draped in an endless heat wave, this desert was once rich with lush vegetation until a beast known as the Fire Golem moved in and drastically altered the environment. Its ability to evaporate all moisture with its unrelenting flames is a caution to all weary travelers.

An entire civilization swallowed by the seas, lost within the ocean depths. This magical garden contains some of the rarest treasures, but beyond its beauty of breathtaking scenery there harbors an abomination of a monster which guards this lost world's secrets!

Many have dubbed this place, No Man's Land for the mere fact that no person who has dared venture into this area has returned. It's said that a foul creature, in the form of a bird patrols this forest and has a deep-rooted hate for all humans.

Level 20 Hardcore Dungeon

Level 10 Hardcore Dungeon

In honor of the ruling guild of Trinzel, the portal to Trinburg Hall has opened! Inside, you'll find an exclusive open field known only as the Hall of Champions. Here, the dangers are high but so are the rewards—triple the drops (from level 50 legendary items to gold and silver bars!

Many of the skills have been revised to balance gameplay. On top of that, all classes have gained an arsenal of old and new skills available at earlier levels to make monster disposal quick and easy!

Adventurers will now be able to level a lot quicker than before as the required experience has been lowered. This means becoming a hero just got a little easier!

Names are remembered within these walls as heroes can band together and participate in a number of challenges for rewards, guts and glory. The colosseum will be used in exclusive Game Master events and will yield fun and challenging encounters.

Trinzel has received a facelift sure to bring smiles to its citizens! Class Masters have all moved to the center of the town circle to ease the tiring journey it use to take to talk to one of them.

Along with their relocation, the Trinzel engineers were kind enough to erect four portals that'll allow the adventurers to quickly travel from dungeon to dungeon or Open Field to Open Field!

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